I am Roxanne McDaniel, a professional photographer who combines my love for animals with my passion for photography.  My home is shared with a pack of rescue dogs and a dog-loving husband. 

There's not a time I can remember when I didn't have a pet, whether it was a horse, pony, dog, cat, bird or rabbit.  They have been and are loved beyond measure and are referred to as my 'kids'.  

I have spent 10 years taking 1000's of photographs for local rescues and animal shelters, in the hopes of helping them get adopted.  

Taking beautiful and memorable photographs of your pets is my goal and what I love to do.  I believe in providing professional yet personal photographs for pet owners and their fur babies.  

I look forward to hearing from you and meeting your very special 4 legged friends.  

I am located in Lubbock, Texas

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